Posted on 14-May-2019

Tim Brown Portraits

It's all gone a bit quiet around here lately, hasn't it?
Hopefully this will break that silence quite effectively though, as I can finally unveil probably the biggest portrait I've ever done!
A group portrait, made up of members of a family wedding party, all taken at the same shoot, but compiled largely from different photos in order to get the best possible composition. Not as easy as you might think, although unlike the last big group portrait I did, at least the shadows were all the same side...
Anyway, a little explanation is needed here for those eagle-eyed enough to have spotted the yellow butterfly.
The lady in glasses and striped dress in the front row is the commissioner of this piece, and is seen here surrounded by her whole family at the wedding of her daughter, one of the few times in recent years that the whole brood has been gathered in one place. She has four daughters, but there was once a fifth who was born with Downs Syndrome, but sadly she succumbed to an infection after routine heart surgery and did not make it home.
However, during the photo session at the wedding reception a yellow butterfly fluttered into shot at one point which they saw as their lost daughter's spirit come to make her presence felt, and I was asked to include this in the portrait, to complete the family once more.
I was only too happy to do so. Symbolic value adds a great deal of emotive significance to artwork, whatever your beliefs may be.
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