Posted on Jul 8, 2019

Tim Brown Portraits

Still with the “family portraits” theme but a slight tangent with this one as it’s a couple of older portraits of my wife’s Auntie Delphine and Uncle Alf, both now no longer with us. I drew them from their 1978 passport photos and enlarged them up to A3 size I believe (it was four years ago and they have been across the ocean in Canada ever since so I’m not entirely sure they weren’t even larger) and while I’m proud of my work on both of them,I think the portrait of Alf is one of my all-time favourites.
It just came together so well, the tonal range was a new achievement for me at that time, and I took the time to draw every single loop of wool in his sweater, to great effect I think.
Incidentally, Alf has another niece in the form of renowned print artist Clare Curtis, and she has a feature in the new issue of Country Living magazine, well worth a look if you ask me!
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