Posted on 29-Jun-2018

Tim Brown Portraits

Hello folks!
Well, you know how you wait in all day for a delivery and it finally arrives about a minute from the deadline?
To be fair I wasn't waiting all day, just two hours for Sainsbury's to deliver a load of shopping, so I picked up my sketchbook and a blue pencil I happened to have laying around, and picked a nice picture to draw off IG - the latest selfie by actress Jaimie Alexander. It was a nice fun photo of her larking about with a friend, and the lens distortion almost made it a caricature already, so what was a guy to do?
By the time the Sainsbury's van finally pulled up I had completed the basic sketch (see previous post) and left it be till the next day when I picked a slightly darker toned blue pencil to go over for the final layer, making up the hair as the top of her head was cropped off the original photo, and here you see the result!
Quite happy with this one I am, might do more like this.
Btw, that's her tongue sticking out the side of her mouth. In case you were wondering.
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